System Status

Blockchain industry values openness and transparency.
That's why we created the System Monitor.
YooBTC System Monitor provides key metrics for the system performance and availability

The metrics Deposits: check if wallet status is online
Online/Offline for Trading indicates availability of making orders in the system.
Withdrawals: Helps track the status of online/offline payments, the average time required to deposit and withdraw for each currency in the system over the last week.
Wallet status indicates when any maintenance operation is being performed.

If you find a system exception, please contact at

Last updated 15 minutes ago

Coin Asset Type Deposits Withdrawals Trading 1 Week Average Deposit Time 1 Week Average Withdrawal Time Wallet status
BTC Coin Active Active Active 00:18:30 00:10:30 Active
USDT Token Active Active Active 00:05:12 00:05:13 Active
ETH Coin Active Active Active 00:05:15 00:10:27 Active
LTC Coin Active Active Active 00:03:05 00:10:55 Active
EOS Coin Active Active Active 00:02:20 00:05:24 Active
BCH Coin Active Active Active 00:30:38 00:07:16 Active